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Drip Paint and Mixed Media Artist

Whitney LaRene is a drip painter. Drip painting is a technique that involves dripping paint onto a surface from a pallet knife from a distance, letting the paint land where it lands giving the painting a unique texture and boldness.

She compliments this technique with either thick playful strokes of colorful acrylic on canvas or with splashes of watercolor on wood surfaces which she then seals with a glossy finish. Most of her work is inspired by the fluid shapes commonly found in nature and her surroundings. 

Whitney LaRene has been active in the art community in Seattle (selling and participating in art walks) since 2013. She participates in one night pop-up art exhibitions where she demos her drip painting in front of an audience and other art venues in the Seattle area. She won RAW's Artist of the Year award for visual artist for 2014.

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