20 FABULOUS Fine Art Selfies

StudioVox just released a new article featuring myself and you'll see my good friend Anna of Always Strange in the article as well.  StudioVox is a social networking site for people working in different creative fieldsCheck it out!!

We live in the age of the selfie. Where a photography taken of oneself is pushed out into the world… whether via your Smartphone or webcam … duck faces have gone viral. Most likely you’ve taken a few yourself. (We know you have!) Images so memorable they’ll probably be used at your wedding to remind guests of your not so illustrious past.
However, there is a more refined version to the selfie we admire that's existed long before the camera or phone; An early form of expression originating when man first saw his own reflection - Self-Portraiture. Full Article and Photos...


Here are a few other self portraits that we're done using different mediums and styles. Enjoy!