My First Show at Avanti Art Gallery

Hey Everybody, I'm just thinking back on last nights event. It was my first time showing at a real gallery. I got my feet wet showing at a Burger joint in October just a few months ago and that was a good experience but WOW! Showing at a gallery with white walls and lighting and a curator and helpful staff was a different experience. I had almost 30 friends and family members to show up and support and I was overwhelmed and running in pure adrenaline all night.

I hung 5 of my latest drip paintings. They are for sale and will be up from now until February 7th. As they sell I will be replacing them with newer works. If you have any interest in purchasing any of the pieces that are showing please contact Avanti Art Gallery or go in person to check them out.

7601 Greenwood Ave North #101

Seattle, WA 98103

Tel: 206-784-8475


Here are some of the photos of all the fun.