Pancakes and Booze Art Show - Seattle

WOW!! What an AMAZING night at The Pancakes and Booze Art Show!! (Scroll to see photos from the show below)  

The morning started off by bringing my three pieces to the venue, El Corazon in Seattle. Hanging time was noon til 5pm. I wanted to get a good spot so I showed up early. I set up quickly and claimed a good area where I would be painting LIVE *gulp* later on that evening.

When I showed up again that night the blank drywall had been filled floor to ceiling with works of very talented artists. I was intimidated to say the least and I was all of a sudden worried that my seemingly "good" spot was now the darkest corner where my pieces would not be noticed.

The place started filling up and to my surprise people started buying my prints! About an hour into the show, I decided it was now or never. Time to paint! I pulled my dry rack over to my canvas sheet and retrieved my prepped canvases out of my car with the help of my friends. The crowd started to form when they saw me set out the paint and even more so when I pulled out the partially painted octopus.

I took off my shoes and knelt behind the canvas and opened up my jar of enamel and started to paint. I was shakey at first from nerves but I got more comfortable with it and forgot momentarily that there were people surrounding me. When I looked up I couldn't believe the amount of people that were staring. Not just staring. They were smiling and taking photos and videos of me. My best friend was beaming at me front and center in the crowd. I'm pretty sure she heard my thought wave loud and clear. "HOLY SHIT!" (Sorry, for the curse Grandma.)

About 10 or 15 minutes later I completed the octopus piece and signed my name. The moment I stood up a woman who had bought a print from me earlier offered to buy the freshly painted piece. Of course I accepted and turned beat red from the shock of the quick sale.

A little while later I completed a colored jelly fish in a similar style.

My last demo of the night was to finish a piece that was intended for a good friend of mine who was in the crowd and was unaware that the piece would be completed and given to him as a birthday present. I had dripped the piece the night before of a very popular duo from the hit series Breaking Bad and wanted to finish it with charcoal as the demo.  It was a hit!! I repeatedly told people that the piece was not for sale.

At the show I sold the Octopus and several prints. With in 24 hours I had sold "The Jelly Dance" original that was on display at the show and the colored jelly fish that I had created during the live demo.  It was a huge success and I can't wait to be a part of the show again next time it comes to town.