Hi everyone. It's me, Whitney.

First of all I would like to say thank you in clicking on the link that lead you to this. YAY! The reason why I have gathered you all here today in the is to tell you about RAWards!!! Some of you might remember the show that I was apart of last year which was hosted by RAW: natural born artists at Neumos in Seattle. RAW  is now hosting their nationwide indie arts award competition which is held annually called "RAWards". Cute, huh? It is the SUPERBOWL for emerging artists!!! To explain a little further I will quote Raw's description of the competition here:

Over the course of the competition, RAW artists engage in online public voting (this is where you come in), city-based local judging, and then final judgments by the official RAWards judge panel, which consists of a mix of creative celebrities and well-known industry professionals in each RAW category.

I need your help, ladies and gents! You have a chance to vote once per day over the next 7 days. Every vote counts. (Click on the image above to register and vote).  I will be posting brand new art and videos everyday this week to my Facebook art page and Instagram to help remind you. I will even go as far as sending a text or phone call if you would like. Let me know. I am m more than happy to harass..I mean notify you if you elect to let me.

Thanks for stopping by!! And THANK YOU for voting!