Making of “Undaunted”

This is my first recording of a drip portrait. I’ve been dripping portraits for close to a year but I had never recorded myself doing it. If you have any interest in commissioning me to paint a portrait in this style, for you feel free to contact me. 

Making of "A Girl and Her Father"

This is a drip painting portrait created sing black enamel and dripped until the portrait is finished then touches of charcoal and then water-colored. The subjects are based on a music video.

Making of "The Octopus"

Hey everybody! As some of you know I recently tried out a new medium of painting that is much different then the watercolor and ink that you have been seeing. I did a very large self portrait made entirely from dripping black water-based paint onto a 3x3 feet canvas: "Facing the Lines". I was so excited about the end result that I created another portrait the next day: "Fille en Bleu".

This is the third and my largest painting so far. Enjoy!

Making of "Paint the Town"

It is a 3 panel piece that totals to approximately 24 by 36 inches. Drip and watercolor on wood.       

Making of "Daybreak"

An image of Seattle's city line featuring the space needle was created by on a 24 x 36 piece of plywood using watercolor and drip paint.

Making of “Jack” Skellington.

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make myself a little tribute to the Nightmare Before Christmas.    

Making of "the Angrier Fish" Part One

Making of the "The Angrier Fish" Part Two 

I had been wanting to do a really vibrant painting of the female angler fish ever since I read this article on The Oatmeal and let’s not forget the angler on Finding Nemo. Frightening!!!  I think they are so amazing. I hope you do too.
This was my first attempt at doing drip on regular ol’ mixed media paper.  Enjoy!

Making of “Lobster”

It is approximately 2ft x 2ft. Drip and watercolor. The image I used was from a trip I took to Belize about a year ago. He was a feisty little guy. He inspired me so!